Marrying Waves

by Chii

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This album arose from a sort of existential crisis period in my life. The themes of this album really revolve around pondering one's own mortality/immortality, infinite space, eternal time, and all the philosophical thoughts that come with those subjects. Some of it is euphoric and some is crushingly depressing. I have what most people call bipolar depression. My emotions are constantly all over the place, from minute to minute. This album portrays that dichotomy.

For example - the first two tracks, I wrote whilst dealing with a certain situation in my life. The first track is the negative/depressed view of the issue, and the second is the positive/inspired view of it. I wrote them simultaneously but some of the time I'd be, for example, happy about the situation, and other times I'd be sad. So it made the two viewpoints in two songs. Same with track 3 and 4. Different sides of the same coin. Then track 5 takes it further. It MARRIES, the two sides of my psyche.

This album represents such a weird period in my life. Sunrise was all about homing in on a vision I had, whereas this one was about exploration. I grew so much as a person after Sunrise and no longer had any idea what I wanted to do, where I was going, both as an artist and just as a human. Marrying came from a period of confusion, uncertainty. Of just feeling around in the dark and seeing what felt good. I had no vision for the album before making it and, and I made it in very little time. It's a weird one. I adore it though.

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released April 12, 2016



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Chii Sheffield, UK

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