The Essence of One, at One Moment

by Chii

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This EP is intended to be a counterpart to the first album - Sunrise Embrace the Stagnant. It goes a little deeper into the album's concept and fills in a few gaps in the story. It also explores a slightly weirder musical territory.

Click on each track for its corresponding words. (The words are something between lyrics/poems, stories, just stuff I felt like writing to get the concept/my feelings about the song across)


released May 16, 2015

All music written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Richii Wainwright.
Cover Photography by Lucy Hill.



all rights reserved


Chii Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Fading
Photographs in my brain
They're fading every day
Today has b(r)ought no gain
Tomorrow this will replay
Track Name: Fruit of Last Summer
Running, re-entering wilderness,
and what once felt mundane, now provides a thin veil of comfort
T(h)e sun lifts me up, and for a moment all is calm
Until I begin my lone descent into darkness
Impossible to trust the flow, unknown path
Aching bones, bruised limbs
I will not be followed down here
Track Name: Lost in Time
I sit every day, in my lonely little cell
and I smile and I cry
and I look toward the sky
and I wonder and I ponder
Will a saviour never come?
Will I work for all my life
For no pu(r)pose, for no one?

For I have spent all of my love
On the building of this house
Which no one has seen
and where no one has been
Already it begins to fall
Only echoes succeed my calls
Will no one know of these creations at all?
And when these pillars give way and my creation is forgotten
Will the breeze eroding the wood know of the house I have begotten?
Or will it carry within, the essence of my joy,
Of the elated expression no one could destroy?

Though I have found heaven here, I have also found hell
Will no one save me from my lonely little cell?
Track Name: Embryo Migration pt. 2 (Sadhana)
Dropping into instability
Welcoming uncertainty

Like a rock crashing against the shore, over and over
Which emerges refined and smooth

Like a rock compressed (b)eneath the earth
Which emerges etherial and translucent
Allowing the light to shine through its core
Track Name: Embryo Migration pt. 3 (Satori)
As every day ends, the sun above sets
Painting the infinite across the sky
Unharmed should its beauty go unnoticed
For within such wondrous creation, lies already
a deep, unshakeable joy

The flower who blossoms so abundantly in spring
Does so without want of appreciation

Merge with this flow
Ripen the fruits of your creation
Let the petals of your exaltation outstretch
Let your life be the sky whereupon you paint your sunset
And embrace e(a)ch moment, unwavering, unrelenting
Basking in wonder at the frailty of all forms.
Track Name: Embryo Migration pt. 4 (Sakura)
Embrac(i)ng the flow
Trusting the current
To take me where I need to go

I feel the void fading
No longer starved
I feel the warmth filling me