Sunrise Embrace the Stagnant

by Chii

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Click on each track for its corresponding art, commentary, and poetry)


This is a concept album. For anyone interested in piecing it together - every piece of art, line of poetry, and musical theme/vibe, tells a fundamental part of the story. There's tonnes of symbolism, complexity, and metaphors in there. I put so much into the music and concept and I'm so proud of what I made.


The album has 4 movements as follows:

-The Discolouration-

1. Since one Became Separate
2. The Discolouration

-The Circling-

3. Eden Internal
4. Collapse
5. Illusion of Self

-The Opening-

6. Embryo Migration Pt. 1 (Astray)
7. Sky Opening
8. To Manipulate the Echo

-The Healing-

9. The Healing
10. Exiting the chrysalis


released April 12, 2015

All music written, recorded, programmed, mixed, mastered, and everything else'd by Richii Wainwright.
All art conceptualised by Richii Wainwright, created by Lucy Hill and Richii Wainwright except Eden Internal- art by Mick Russon.
Concept and words by Richii Wainwright.



all rights reserved


Chii Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Since One Became Separate
Bathed in oneness
The source of consciousness projects outward
Billions of tiny fragments
Onto a concrete coated, blue dot
Sporadically, pristinely scattered with moss
The collective cyclically become synonymous with the concrete - colourless, li(f)eless
Though change is blossoming
The messengers are here
May earth shed its skin
Track Name: The Discolouration
I remember their wires infesting my veins
The colo(u)rs of my joy being bled
Every drop strained, staining the unclean hands of authority
The same hands who built this suffocating, illusory cell
The transmitted weight still erodes my core
Though still there flickers a sensation of something profound
Lying deep within this discolouration
Track Name: Eden Internal
Longing for what I know exists
Distant artificial light, a seductive incandescence,
My lone hope for escape
Travelling aside crystal streams, mountainous horizon
Breathing the oaken air
A cave births flocking figures
Concerned, condescending, constricting
Offering a siren to evade the glow, to retreat to safety
In the familiar darkness of their cave
Toxin crawls from my open wounds,
to hew their demands, to silence their idiocy
Running, erratic mind
Forced visions of a sacred utopia consume me
Paint over these foreboding thoughts
Entering, hunched, small
Suppressing vulnerability's crescendo
Elusive s(t)rangers flit by, blurred static sillhouettes
Years yearning
Tears burning
Led to the eye, judged by the unknowing
Ribcage bursting open
Tear the cellophane vessel, slither the broken, weak truth
Bare child self
Internal rust his scent
Exterior mask discarded, and now blurred like the others
This place is far from Eden
Track Name: Collapse
Black forest
Infected green and yellow hues
A maze of sylvan pillars
There is no vibrancy is this reflected pit
Soil milked of life, strained of anything pleasant
Skeletal leaves wrung of their verdant smiles
The soil does not mind
The trees do not care
They grow on optimistically
A fungal parad(e) of decay
And therein flourishes new life
Awaken running for my life
Giant humming predator
Light guiding me to exit
Mother insect, curse she brings
On beating glass wings
Poison sting
Chemical injecting
Brain cells ring
Propelled beyond reality
Sinking through dreamtime
Internal realm, blinding shadows
Ashen shell hardening
Track Name: Illusion of Self
Wh(e)n the mind is no longer a tool
But an unstable home
All one's energy must be spent on making this home liveable
A paradoxical spiral
Unstitch the thread of this conditioning from your skin
shed the burdening mask moulded by society
And you dis-cover what has always dwelt beneath
A deep ocean of peace
Though all is blind
I begin to see
That I am you
And you, are me
Track Name: Embryo Migration pt. 1 (Astray)
As the voices begin to fade, I return to nature's warm embrace
Looking upon two trees before me
The left presenting a familiar, structured path
The right - an undiluted wilderness
Nebulously signalling between two mountains
Today I choose the fruit of unfamiliarity
for I have nothing left to lose
Guided only by intuition, I leave the known behind
I am beginning to sense so(m)ething deeper
No longer disconnected from the flawless asymmetry
Track Name: Sky Opening
Stillness in the earthen mountain breeze
Aquatic Goddess
Sapphire gaze, vortex of wisdom
Her winged frame rises from an ethereal pool
A pale blue aura for skin
Secure, home
She breathes her life into me
Tearing through my soul
Swimming through my veins
Piercing every nerve
Cleansing, opening, awakening
Jarring seizures
Visions of infinite planes
Metallic (r)inging, slicing through my skull
Erupting from my crown

I feel the sky opening - no longer stagnant
I feel the barriers dissipate - no longer separate
I feel my mind shatter open - no longer searching
For the key I've been searching for is somewhere inside -
the key to Eden internal
My perception is clearing
The discolouration is resolving
and the fires of all my suffering
Have become the ashes from which the phoenix is reborn
Track Name: To Manipulate the Echo
To manipulate the echo of an inner voice
To tamper with (c)onsequence and never cause
Is to live as a worm, sifting through life
Spiralling into problem 84
Yearning for something to slake the desperation,
to pacify the growing void
I am evolving in this white kingdom, of ancient colossus
Lines of wisdom in majestic mountain faces
Holy mystic, liquid aura opening my eyes
Absorbing a light I've never known
In the empty space dwells life
In the silence between sounds
In the space between stars
In the underlying awareness behind the thinking mind
The fountain within all
My shadow grows heavy
Obsidian orbs converge in zenith, forming leaden mist
Alien stones - spherical, uniform
Filling the devoid, opened sky
Hear the cave calling
Track Name: The Healing
Birthed into a cavern
Trapped in the past
Destiny is becoming manifest
Exploring within my own consciousness
Fragmented mind surrounds me
Circle of black, all encompassing
Submerged, reclaim the forgotten
Desperate hands grasping at limbs
Pulling in every direction
Mind and body separating
Englufed by shadow
Obsidian deity descends to quell the earth above me
Weathering shroud of black
Walls crumbling i(n)wards
Elsewhere, sunrise embraces the stagnant, neglected, fractals of darkness
I am beyond free
Track Name: Exiting the Chrysalis
Discarded all the weight
Arriving back at a dead end
Disintegrated vessel, re-entry denied, impenetrable shell
Lost, floating in white eternity
Bathed in oneness
Returning to source, dissolvin(g) into everything, recalling the whole
I've learned so much behind these eyes
Out of the chrysalis, soaring, returning home
To incarnate again
In this beautiful, cyclical, dance of creation